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What are your driver training qualifications?


Approved Driving InstructorLicenced Trainee Driving Instructor


As the main instructor currently teaching with Camberley Driving School, I will provide my own qualifications in response to this question, but new instructors details will be added in due course.

I have more than 30 years driving experience and certification for various vehicles, including motorcycles and forklift trucks.
I am a fully qualified highest grade ADI (Grade 6 Approved Driving Instructor - replaced by Grade A) and therefore licensed by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency). I emphasise this for the following reason: - The qualification process for the licence involves a rigorous 3 part testing procedure. On completion, the DVSA awards a green octagonal badge (see above) which must be displayed in the window of any vehicle whilst it is being used for teaching and renumeration for that service is requested. The second stage involves a comprehensive driving test which lasts for approximately 1 hour. On completion of this stage, the DVSA currently allows the PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) to teach pupils to drive, under the supervision of an established driving school or qualified instructor. They issue a temporary six month teaching licence to the PDI, but this can be extended, depending upon their circumstances. This temporary licence is issued to enable the PDI to practice their teaching techniques for the final part of the qualification process, where they are tested on their ability to teach via a role play test with a senior driving examiner (SE). When the PDI is teaching pupils, they must display a pink triangular badge (see above) in the window of the vehicle they are using. Be aware that there are a great number of PDIs currently teaching, and they can be seen working as franchisees in many of the largest national companies operating in this country.

I also have a Fleet Training Qualification, and an Edexcel Level 3 NVQ in Driving Instruction plus additional certificates for advanced driving and skid-pan courses, all of which I can show you, if you wish, when we first meet. It is company policy that the highest standards of teaching are maintained, so the provision of continual professional development is paramount to our success. As new qualifications are attained over time, they will be recorded on the CPD page.

What is your test pass rate?

Test pass rates are like any statistic, as they can be manipulated to indicate whatever the user wishes to them to portray. Many instructors will promote ‘High Pass Rates!’ and/or ‘High 1st Time Pass Rates!’ in an attempt to convince you that they guarantee a pass, probably first time. However, they can ignore the fact that people have come to them after previously failing, work on the principle that “eventually everyone will pass”, or even make the figures up as they go along. The national average pass rate is between 40 & 50%, and because it is to our mutual benefit that you pass, we consistently aim for a rate well above that average, ideally 100%! Of course, we can only train you to drive safely and competently to the required test standard – how you actually perform on the day is up to you! Nevertheless, we do have a number of coping strategies for nerves and anxiety which can be provided for those that require them.

How many lessons will I need?

Again, this question cannot be answered specifically. The DVSA currently recommend at least 40 hours tuition to achieve the required standard to pass the test, but everyone learns at different rates, and each of us perform well at varying disciplines. It will be your instructor's job to provide a program of learning which best suits you, and to monitor your progress until they consider that you are driving consistently at the level required to pass your test. Some may achieve this within 20 lessons; others will require much more tuition – the instructor will advise when they perceive that you are ready. We are aware that you won’t, understandably, wish to spend any more money than is necessary, and will strive to achieve the standard required within your budget allowance!  

Is your car available for the driving test?

If you are already a pupil training with us, we will automatically reserve the car you trained in for use when you are ready to take the practical test and have a date booked. If you come to us wishing to take a test imminently, then we will gladly reserve it for you once we have driven together for the duration of at least one lesson. You will, we hope, appreciate that we would need to assess your ability to drive the car safely and competently before allocating it for your exclusive use, without instructor supervision, on a driving test. We will also use the assessment lesson to advise you whether we consider that you are ready to take the practical test.  

Can you help with the Theory/Hazard Perception Tests?

We will be glad to provide assistance and advice for these tests, and can loan training aids where necessary, or recommend suitable learning materials to you. We also provide a training materials discount voucher for new starters in our welcome pack. 

Do you provide discounts or offers?

See our prices page for all details of standard rates, ongoing offers, CDS gift vouchers etc.

Do you provide automatic driving tuition?

We do not currently have an automatic vehicle for training purposes, but have plans to provide one again at some point in the future.

How do you expect me to pay for lessons?

We would currently wish you to pay via personal cheque or cash, but intend to introduce an additional debit/credit payment system to the site at the appropriate time. We hope you will appreciate that delayed payments or returned cheques may adversely affect our working relationship together, so please try to avoid these issues ;-)